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Drive is one of the most popular and easy-to-use features offered by G suite. It allows users to store any file and access it at any time. However, there is a limitation to the sharing mode of Drive. When transferring a change of folder ownership, it is unfortunately impossible to pass on the documents contained in the folders, as they remain the property of the departing employee. These files are therefore archived in a service account and are consequently lost. Delego is the Google add-on that enables to assign the ownership of a folder and the files it contains on Drive with one click.

Delego offers you the Google add-on you've been awaiting for

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Benefit from an unlimited number of users for a better collaboration

Fully integrated to Drive

Designed as a real google add-on, you will be amazed by its seamless integration with Drive

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Boost your folders sharing experience on drive and provide your employees with extended possibilities

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Frequestly Asked Questions

Find answers to the common questions that might pop up in your mind

What is Delego?

Delego is a cloud-based application that combines a lower cost of ownership with an innovative approach to manage folders and files ownership in Google Drive.

What are some of the benefits of Delego?

Delego functionality offers employees and Google administrators self-service, enabling folders and files ownership with a seamless integration to Drive. Delego offers a free browser extension for Google Chrome

How do I get started?

Open Google Chrome and visit the Chrome Store to install the Delego browser extension. Click Add to Chrome to start the download. Delego is now installed

Will Delego work on any computer with any internet browser?

Delego is only supported by Google Chrome for the moment, Mozilla Firefox and Safari will be coming soon

Does Delego offer a trial?

Free Solo Subscriptions: We do offer a free version of our product that includes essential Delego functionality. We believe that this is a more effective way to allow users to become familiar with Delego.
Delego Business: Companies big and small get the very best out of Google Drive by using Delego. If you’re interested in getting Delego for your organization, please contact us.

Is Delego safe?

Maintaining customer trust is critical for our mission, and we consider security and our users’ privacy a top priority. We want our users to know that any information is safe and protected. Delego’s client applications are powered by secure infrastructure in the cloud to ensure fast and reliable processing. We’re continually evolving our product and architecture to speed up text processing, improve our algorithms, and safeguard user data.
You can learn more about our approach to security here (lien:

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